Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" Inspired 8oz scented upcycled wine bottle | Tread Light Candle Co.

Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" Inspired 8oz scented upcycled wine bottle candle with all natural soy wax.

$ 18.00

Pink Floyd is Legendary. Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall, Wish you were here. They rank at the top of our favorite bands. We NEEDED to make a candle tribute to them.

We now Present you with the "Brain Damage" Scented Candle. Since the "Lunatic is on the grass" - we give you a candle poured with the scent of fresh cut grass. It will remind you of yard work, it will remind you of your youth and it will remind you of Pink Floyd.

Scent: Brain Damage(I.E. Fresh Cut Grass)

Our all natural soy wax wine bottle candles are considered organic and vegan. We have a variety of wicks all of which produce minimal smoke while burning and all of our fragrances are high quality and void of dangerous inhalants.

Each candle container is cut and polished from an upcycled wine bottle. This candle brings new life to items that would more than likely end up in a landfill.

Each candle is hand poured and scented and we do our very best to avoid any aesthetic defects(All though soy wax can be very temperamental int he pouring process).

No animals were harmed in the making of this candle.

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